1) Why did you choose CashFear as the name of your company?

Many people have a lot fears about working online; some think it’s a scam, others think it’s a money game, others think it’s illegal, still others think that creating companies will be the best way to earn money and run !!!

We chose CashFear to tell you there is nothing to fear around you; we are not scammers, we are not playing with your money, and we are working with Real legal Services and Products, with Real legal Pay Plans and with Real Honest Founders.

            Overcome Your Fear and Start Making Real Cash.


2) How can i start?

Open a free account using your sponsor's referral link and pay the exact amount to become a paid member and begin to enjoy our Services and Products and the Business Opportunity.


3) How much is the amount to become a paid member?

The amount is a one-time $33 to become a  paid member.
This $33 is distributed as follows : $30 commissions for our members and  $3 Company Profit.


4) How do you make payment?

 a)  Directly using Electronic Banks (Okpay).
 b)  Through BankWire Transfer or Western Union (with the help of our customer support).
 c)  Manually through Customer Support through: Egopay and Perfect Money.


5) Is there any subscription or monthly or annual fee?

There is no subscription or any hidden monthly or annual fee.


6) What are the services I will enjoy on becoming a paid member?

After becoming a paid member, you will enjoy Exclusive Services, you can check them from the website.

7) What is it in your Services and Products that differs you from others?

Celebrate your business and get certified!
We also offer Online Exams. for each Course in our syllabus. On passing our exams. successfully, you will receive Certificates for each Course certified through the Training Centers and Companies in co-operation around the world.

*At the present we are in co-operation with 14 Training Centers and 2 Companies.


8) Who can organize the co-operation between CashFear and Training Centers all over the world?

CashFear Agents with the help of our leaders all over the world will assign the contracts of co-operation with their Country Training Centers and Companies, so all certificates will be international and certified in each country that we have members in.


9) What is the business opportunity I would enjoy?

When you are a paid member, you will find yourself enjoying our exclusive services + our huge business opportunity
as our members receive more than 90% Pure Commissions (Earn Like Owners) and the remaining (less than 10%) is the company revenue so we can run the Company forever.
God willing.
The Disaster Hearts >> Your Road To Success


11) What happens when I refer others?

When you refer new members, they will be placed under you in the Disaster Hearts in the same moment they pay the exact amount of $33. and you will earn your commissions right now.


12) How long does it take to begin earning?

 just the same moment you work.

13) What is my best earning in each pay plan?

You would be earning in the Disaster Hearts Unlimited Potential Earning!! kindly check Business Plan.


14) How can I withdraw my earnings?

When you see earnings in the backoffice of your account, you can go to your E-wallet and click on "Request Withdrawal"
and type in the amount you wish to withdraw and the account number of your payment processor and click "Submit".

Bank Wire transfer are additional methods of withdrawal. (you can contact support ticket from inside your account to manage the bank wire withdraw easily or through manual payment processors like Perfect Money)

You can also pay for new members from your e-wallet balance.


15) How long does a withdrawal take to be processed?

Payout is within 48 hours as all withdrawal requests are processed manually and Admin. always checks if all entered details are correct.


16) Are there any withdrawal fees?

Yes, at the moment there is an  8% withdrawal fee, so we can support the electronic bank deposit,transfer and withdraw fees, huge events, open franchisee offices and offer more products in future with even bigger Pay Plans.


17) Is our information safe and is this Company safe and be running forever?

Yes, your information is safe. Yes, we want our Company to be running forever and we will do our best to help all people make money easily with our Company because we give back more than 90% commissions to our members and the remaining amount guarantees that we stay alive.


18) Then... Why did you create this company?

We have been scammed many times online and we really need to work in a safe place with honest networkers who really care about helping people and not scamming them.


19) When do you think the Courses' Exams. and Certificates will be ready?

they are ready from 27/september/2013, you can request your certificate after you succeed with at least 75% in the exam.


20) What is the Vision of the Company?

Our vision is:
* Working in a safe environment
* Being Number 1 Worldwide Training Center in E-Commerce
* Building huge CashFear compounding 
for all networkers and live the financial freedom dream together.


21) What are you planning for the Company's future?

Our Plans are:
*Offering our Real valued Products like Tablets, Mobile phones, Villa Compounding … with another lucrative compensation plan which all members will love.

*Watching all members smile & giving recommendations while learning, marketing and earning.
* Helping Newbies overcome all Fears about E-Commerce, Network Marketing & Work At Home Jobs.

A safe place is what everybody needs; we offer this platform with highly recommended real services and products and with the highest real legal income plans for all our members.

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