Upon signing up for CashFear Reward Program, all customers agree to comply with CashFear Terms and Conditions. The spirit of this policy is to ensure our customers Joining CashFear with regard to the rights of other CashFear Customers, confirm to the requirements of CashFear applicable legislation.

Refund Policy:
once you pay for the services, you are not able to make a refund, cause 90% commissions are being distributed right now between uplines once you are paid, so that we don't accept refund to protect our future together and save our members commissions.

These terms will begin upon your signup with the CashFear’s Reward program and will end when your CashFear account is terminated. The terms of this agreement may be modified by CashFear at any time. If any modification to the terms is unacceptable to you, your only choice is to terminate your CashFear account. Your continuing participation in the CashFear Reward program will constitute your acceptance of any change.


1.       Becoming A CashFear Customer:
       A) To signup, Customer of CashFear. must be at the legal age in one state or country.
       B) CashFear reserves the right to accept and/or reject Customer referred without  
            providing any reasons or explanations on such rejection. CashFear will not
            entertain any appeal on rejected cases.
       C) CashFear Customer is not an employee, agent and agrees not to incur any
            obligation, debt, and expense on behalf of, or in the name of CashFear and its
            websites. He/she is only authorized to purchase product/service from CashFear
            and/or refer new Customers to CashFear in accordance with the Terms &
            Conditions stipulated herein.
      D) All Customers of CashFear are eligible to benefit from commissions and/or
           bonuses in accordance with the CashFear Reward Program.
      E) Payment of all taxes and/or tariffs applicable will be the responsibility of the
          Customers in their respective countries.
      F) There is currently no annual customer/ member fee and Customer administration
           fee. These fees, however, may be added in the future at CashFear's sole discretion.

  1. Responsibilities of Customers:
           A) CashFear expects its customers to market products and the CashFear Reward
               Program ethically, professionally, honestly and fully to all CashFear's potential
           B) CashFear is against Customers who sell or promote to other Customers with
               similar or competitive products or services or recruit or enroll other Customers in
               any other network-marketing programs or company.
           C) Customer understands that although customer may refer other customers into the
                CashFear’s Reward Program, the Program does not allow Customer to profit
                solely from the activity of referring other Member/Customer. Commissions are
                paid only for entering CashFear Reward Program. No one has made any promise  
               or guarantee that Member/Customer will derive any specific income or profit as a
               Member/Customer. Customer understands that any income Customer earns in
               CashFear. is determined by Customer's personal activity as an independent        
               member and company's Pay plans. Customer understands that product/service  
               sales commissions shall be paid only to the qualified Customers and to his or her
               Downline and Upline. Customer shall not make any income representations except
               those set forth herein or otherwise specifically set forth in official
    https://www.CashFear.net/ Web site. Customer also understands that the
               incomes as displayed on website are only an indicative of your potential earnings
               and are no guarantees.
          D) All Customers of CashFear prohibits demonstration of unrealistic income figures
               and false statements to create temptation to recruit new customers.
          E) There are no limitations on territories or franchises to the Reward Program and no
               restriction as to the location of CashFear Customers who can refer as many new
               customers, but all Customers are personally responsible for their own decision and
               must satisfy all laws and regulations applicable in their respective countries.
          F) There is currently no annual customer/ member fee and Customer administration
               fee. These fees, however, may be added in the future at CashFear's sole discretion.

3.       Payment To CashFear:
There is No Refund for any payment to CashFear.
Any Fraud Payment or any try to fraud will cause your account to be blocked.
Bank Wire Transfer & Western Union are accepted through Representatives & Trusted members only after confirm with the Customer Support.
If the Agent fails to include the mentioned bank charges, CashFear reserves the right to deduct from the commission earned or withhold such order until the mentioned bank charges are remitted to CashFear. In case of Electronic banks payment method, If customer fails to enter exact amount, etc, payment will be kept on hold till proper amount is received.

4.       Commission Payment:
All commissions are processed in the same minute you earned, no delay for your commissions, you can easily pay for new customer/ Purchase another product or service / Request Withdraw for your commissions, Request Withdraw are manually processed through CashFear Admin within 48 hours.

5.       Fund Transfer:
Customers can Transfer funds between each others, CashFear can Enable/Disable this Feature at anytime if any fraud try has been detected.

6.       Security:
Each Customer must keep his CASH FEAR  ACCOUNT passwords and other security access information confidential and notify CASH FEAR, promptly if the customer believes that the security of an account has been compromised. CASH FEAR has taken reasonable steps to protect the security of online transactions. HOWEVER, CASH FEAR. CANNOT AND DOES NOT WARRANT SUCH SECURITY AND WILL NOT BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSSES OR DAMAGES RESULTING FROM ANY SECURITY BREACHES.

CashFear Notification Service is a definitive mean to safeguard a customer's account from possible unwanted or unauthorized intrusions. By means of CashFear Notification Service, customers can monitor transactions and activities performed in their accounts by frequent email notification to their primary email address.

7.       Customers Details Database:
CashFear allows its customers to change and update the customer details at anytime on their own. CashFear provides tools for customers to fully manage their CashFear account, commission receivables, personal details update, personal and group sales activities.

Any Further Details will be added here through CashFear Team

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